Houstons LetterĀ 

What I wish to convey to all of you and hope anyone reading this will consider is the following…

Cultivate the courage and ability to be fully present in your life, let the hurt, pain shock and grief of my death and all of life’s heartbreaks and struggles strengthen you and open you up, rather than shut you down.

Gravitate toward connection over isolation. Find those lit rooms of earnest conversation in the night.

Explore your evolving truths about who you are, what you want and what you need. Seek God and let him guide you.

Don’t let decades pass only to realize you haven’t been fully present and you don’t remember who you have touched or loved.

Look up when someone calls your name, and when you hear mine in passing or conversation remember me and the beautiful memories we shared, learn the lessons you are meant to learn while here on earth. forgive one another and above all LOVE one another, life is fleeting.

When you hear the sound of the waves, the rain pounding down like thunder, when you see the morning sun, the first flowers of spring or the gently falling snow… think of me, I am there, in the elements, and in your hearts and memories, I may be out of sight but I am always with you~ I am sorry I left with out saying goodbye. I am sorry for the pain and sorrow I have caused, it was not my intention. I was in a place I could not get out of. I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, and in a single moment I made a decision that was irreparable.

I did not really want to go, I did not really want to leave, forgive me I miss each and every one of you. There was no letter left as leaving was not my true intention.

I am only behind the veil in another dimension. I am watching over all of you and guiding you from the heavens above our resting place until we are reunited.

Look after one another, live your lives to the fullest… keep my name and memory alive, and in the end we will all dwell in the House of the Lord forever.

Thank you mom for helping me write this letter~

Love always, Houston.