Houston Stevenson

FEBRUARY 25, 1995 – JULY 5, 2022
Obituary of Houston Stevenson


Hollyburn Funeral Home

Houston Stevenson, 27 years old, entered into rest in West Vancouver, BC on July 5, 2022.

Lovingly remembered by his parents, his Siblings: Jhordan, Charis, Remington, Charley, Theo, Victoria, and Adrien. Special thanks for the outpouring of love, support, and prayers from around the world.

Houston. . . the light changed when he walked into a room, even when his voice was silent. There was a spirit so bright, a soul so deep, and a powerful yearning to own his dreams. All who knew and loved Houston believed he was destined for greatness. Houston was a gentleman, with the kindest heart. He was our Golden Boy.

Houston was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, to his loving parents Ronnie Stevenson and David Stevenson, on February 25th, 1995.

If you know Ronnie, you know that her children are her best friends. Family and friends could see that the relationship Houston and Ronnie had was extraordinary. Ronnie explains “We all love our children the same”. There is no difference, however each child is individually unique, and so are relationships with each of them.  

Houston and Ronnie were best friends, she spent more time with Houston than anybody else. They understood each other on a deep spiritual level. She got him and he got her. Their thoughts and ideas were so much alike. 

Ronnie shared Houston’s deep faith in God, but also his belief that we were all a part of a bigger idea than life itself. Houston believed he was a child of the Universe. In the past days, Ronnie had many beautiful memories of her and her family’s special times with her son. 

Houston was Ronnie’s “Ride or Die”. In his passing their bond is not broken, but rather forever linked. They were and always will remain twin flames. 

Jhordan Stevenson is Houston’s older brother by six and a half years. As Houston grew older, the age gap disappeared between them. They became men and did everything together. Houston looked up to Jhordan. They loved each other very much and shared a deep brotherly bond. Ronnie, Russell, Jhordan, and Houston were a pack. A strong pack! Then came Charley and Remy, Houston’s younger sisters. When they were born, the 6 of them became an unbreakable circle, no beginning and no ending. 

Houston was so proud of his sister Charley, the youngest sibling, who is now 16. He acted like more than a big brother. In some ways like a parent, wanting to teach her right from wrong. He was very protective of both his mom and his sister. Remington and Victoria, Houston’s other two sisters, were exceptionally close to Houston as well. 

Sister Charis and brother Theo live in London, England. He loved them so very much, traveling the globe and growing up much of his childhood in London. Houston’s bond with Charis was also more on a spiritual level, they would talk for hours about life, thoughts, and ideas. 

Houston also has a heartfelt ‘adopted brother’ Adrien, who Ronnie has taken under her wing since he and Houston were in grade 4 together at Collingwood school in West Vancouver. They have been best friends ever since. They were extremely close. Adrien often mentored Houston and taught him the business side of making movies, as Houston was more artistic. As the years moved on, Houston and Jhordan welcomed Adrien into their lives and family as their brother.

Houston spent a lot of time traveling the world with his father David and step-mom Grainne Stevenson, who live between London and Spain. They are both absolutely devastated and are trying to make sense of Houston’s untimely passing. Houston and Jhordan grew up spending an enormous amount of time in London with David, Grainne, Charis, and Theo. David & Grainne remember many fond memories of Houston traveling to the South of France every summer and the English countryside.

And lastly, Houston’s father Russell Negus raised Houston from the tender age of 4 years old. Russell, Jhordan, and Houston were beyond close and inseparable. The three of them did everything together. If you saw Russell, you would always see him with one or both of his sons. Russell loved Houston more than absolutely everything! He often would say Houston has so much talent. He could not wait to be on the red carpet with him when he received his first Academy Award. After speaking to Russell, he said Houston will live in his heart forever, and there will never be a day that goes by that he does not think about or miss his son. In his passing Russell, David, Jhordan, and Adrien have vowed to make a movie about Houston, to honour his memory and legacy forever. 

It is unfathomable to Ronnie and the family that Houston is no longer present in their lives. For those of us who believe, Houston will be reborn to us in spirit and exist in all things generous, creative, loving, and beautiful. This is how he saw the world. Everything was possible. Only one’s imagination could get in the way of living their dream. 

Houston is with us now as we gather to celebrate his extraordinary life. He would want us to carry on, live life to the fullest, and cherish every moment of every day. He would want his family and friends to carry on his legacy, and remember the wonderful moments and times spent together. 

In loving memory of my extraordinary friend,

Kenny ( Kenny Ortega )