The Phoenix Rising is symbolic of rebirth, hope, renewal, progress, eternity- and immortality, it represents the end of oppression, It uses the idea of revolutionary recreation and claims that a renewal or rebirth has taken place.

The great sun eagle, (The Phoenix Rising) signifies transformation in response to hopelessness and devastation. The phoenix spirit animal has the ability to lift us from the ashes of destruction into the blue skies of optimism and renewal.

In the worst of times, it teaches us how to be victorious. Out of suffering, we grow in spirit. In heartbreak and sadness, this beautiful and gentle creature sings an enchanting song that summons the forces of heaven.

It is written of it in the Bible: ‘The just will sprout like the phoenix”. As the phoenix first appears alive, then dies, then rises again.

It also symbolizes that sins of the past have been shed and that the awfulness of the past can be forgotten.

In some legends the re-birth is quick, coming before the flames have died down, and some tell of three days going by before the phoenix rises from the ashes. It is easy to see the correlation here, between this and the Christian belief of resurrection (and the rising of the Sun/Son of God). The new, re-born phoenix is greater, more powerful and more beautiful than its previous incarnation, and it is both the surrender to the process and the quality of the ashes which create this new, improved Phoenix

So if you are reading this you will better understand that the beautiful bird represents the cycle of birth and death, reminding us of the fact that the soul is immortal and that our loved ones never really leave us.

God bless you Houston and to all who have lost loved ones may they live on forever…