How White Label SEO Can Change Your Digital Marketing Strategy

As more companies come online, the SEO market is growing rapidly. Many digital marketing agencies offering SEO services want a larger piece of the pie but may not have the resources to allocate. In this first article of the two-part series, of SEOReseller, discusses how white-label SEO can help agencies in this regard.

Every digital marketing agency wants to scale its business. However, not every agency has the resources to expand its client base and grow. Scaling an organization is still doable even without allocating a much bigger budget or hiring/developing the required technical expertise in-house.

SEO, in particular, is in much higher demand as more companies and their customers do business online. As digital marketing tends to give better ROI than traditional marketing, the digital transformation of marketing companies and strategies has been rapid. According to Research and MarketsOpens a new window, the global SEO market is expected to reach $122.11 billion in 2028.

An agency looking to get a bigger slice of that pie and drive growth will need more help as more projects come in. That help could come in the form of a white-label SEO.

What Does White Label SEO Do?

White label services involve selling commoditized services to other companies, enabling those companies to rebrand the work and present the product under their name. White-label SEO refers to SEO services that other agencies, consultants, and SEO professionals customize for marketing companies and agencies looking to outsource work.

Depending on the nature of the agreement and the scope of the work, a white-label SEO agency can provide client agencies and freelancers with just about everything they need to fulfill the requests of their end clients. The resulting output is then repackaged and resold to the end client.

The white-label SEO company does most, if not all, of the work, executing everything the agency needs on time, in compliance with service level agreements signed by both parties at the onset of the project. What agencies get is a full range of SEO services branded with their company name, priced in a way that they can provide a healthy margin.

How Does White Labeling Work?

Working with a white-label SEO agency is like having access to an entire turnkey marketing team without the overhead costs. What companies pay for are individual SEO services or SEO packagesOpens a new window. For example, when a client needs local optimization, an agency or freelancer could pass the technical task to the agency, and they will work on tasks like keyword research, content creation, or local listing optimization.

Different agencies have different processes and services. But the white label process will typically include the following steps:

Intake: The intake stage is where it will all start. Once the client-agency gets the order from their client, they then relay all the campaign details to the white-label SEO provider.

Onboarding stage: Project managers will now decide which package, products, or services best match the end clients’ needs and which outcomes they can provide for their campaigns.

Pricing or profit margin match: After finalizing the services, the client-agency decides on the pricing that will provide a healthy profit margin. Depending on the white label agency’s prices, client agencies mark up anywhere from 30 to upwards of 90% markup, although 40 to 50% markup is common practice.

Schedule and timeline: The client’s campaign should be scheduled at this point. The project manager or the person in charge of the campaign maps out the deliverables/ milestones and the project’s timelines.

Campaign directives: This is the stage where the white-label SEO agency consolidates the overall campaign goals of the client, collaborates on the roadmap, and starts working on the campaign.

Is White Labeling Unethical or Illegal?

White labeling is a legitimate process. It is a common practice that enables marketing companies to meet surges in demand or to grow. Client agencies are expected to check on the quality of the work delivered to the end client and to provide a reasonable markup that ensures the pricing to the end client is fair.

To keep everything aboveboard and make the partnership work, the white label agency and the client agree and settle on what needs to be delivered. Terms may cover:

Intellectual property rights
Quality control
White label license
The strategy is also widely used in products like electronics, software, and food.

In digital marketing, agencies offering the best white label SEO services can also apply them for PPC, web design and development, and social media management. So if a marketing agency wants to go beyond SEO, those services will allow them to do more for their clients.

Who Needs White Label SEO Services?

Search engine optimization can be a demanding and complex service to deliver that requires a high level of expertise and long-term management. It is not a one-time task that is implemented once, and then the work is done. SEO is a continual process because it involves adapting to changing customer behavior and constantly evolving search engine algorithms.

Strategies also differ depending on what business or niche the end client is in. This is why companies offering SEO services must have industry experience and expertise in different business sectors. If a business has specialized in, for example, public relations or events management and now plans to add digital marketing, the experience, and expertise of an SEO company with white-label services may be helpful.

Growing and Scaling Marketing Efforts

As more companies are fighting to get more business online, SEO has become more in demand than before. Even though the end client can technically learn the skills to become an SEO expert, it is not something a business owner should prioritize. Small to medium-sized businesses do not usually have the budget to maintain in-house SEO specialists.

Outsourcing SEO work can give companies access to professionals to manage their campaigns. A successful SEO campaign is driven by experienced and dedicated experts. There will always be changing guidelines, shifting trends, evolving standards, and search engine updates that will demand time and energy.