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Is 123Movies Banned in India?

The online streaming site 123Movies has faced significant scrutiny and legal challenges around the globe, including in India. This site, which allows users to watch movies and TV shows for free, has been a popular destination for those looking to access content without paying for subscriptions. However, due to its nature of offering pirated content, it has been targeted by numerous copyright enforcement agencies and legal bodies.

Legal Actions and Bans

  1. Government Crackdowns: In India, the government has taken stringent actions against websites that facilitate piracy. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has been actively involved in identifying and blocking such websites under the IT Act. 123Movies is one of the many sites that has been targeted by these actions.
  2. ISP Blocking: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in India are often instructed by the government to block access to sites like 123Movies. This means that users trying to access 123Movies from an Indian IP address will often find that the site is inaccessible.
  3. Legal Implications for Users: While the primary legal actions are taken against the website operators, users in India also face potential legal risks when accessing pirated content. The Cinematograph Act, 1952, was amended to impose penalties on those who knowingly view or download illegal copies of movies.

Current Status

As of now, 123Movies is effectively banned in India. The site frequently changes its domain to evade detection, but these new domains are often quickly identified and blocked by Indian authorities. Despite the ban, the site’s persistent popularity means that new mirrors and proxies continue to emerge, though accessing them remains illegal and risky.

MoviesJoy: An Overview

MoviesJoy is another website that offers a similar service to 123Movies, providing free streaming of movies and TV shows. Like 123Movies, it has gained popularity due to its extensive library and ease of access.

Legal and Accessibility Issues

  1. Piracy Concerns: MoviesJoy also hosts pirated content, which puts it in the crosshairs of legal bodies focused on combating copyright infringement. It is illegal to stream or download copyrighted material without permission, and MoviesJoy does not have the necessary licenses for the content it offers.
  2. Government Monitoring: Indian authorities are vigilant about such websites. MoviesJoy, like 123Movies, is subject to being blocked by ISPs under government directives. The constant monitoring means that these sites often get blacklisted and inaccessible from Indian IP addresses.
  3. User Risks: Accessing MoviesJoy in India carries similar risks to those associated with 123Movies. Users can face legal consequences under various copyright laws, and there are additional risks related to malware and data privacy when using such unauthorized streaming sites.


Both 123Movies and moviesjoy.studio are part of a broader network of websites that offer unauthorized streaming services. In India, accessing these sites is illegal, and they are often blocked by ISPs as part of government efforts to curb piracy. Users are advised to steer clear of these sites to avoid legal trouble and to respect the rights of content creators by opting for legal streaming services.

Legal Alternatives

For those seeking to watch movies and TV shows legally, several platforms are available in India, including:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • Zee5
  • SonyLIV

These services provide a wide range of content legally and safely, ensuring that viewers can enjoy their favorite shows and movies without any legal concerns.