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Ways to Make Money in Path of Exile – Crucible Currency Farming 3.21

Crucible league has brought with it several novel ways of making money in Path of Exile. Here, we will explore how best to farm currency items for maximum profit and gain.

Divination cards can be one of the best ways to easily increase currency supply. They can be found across various maps, making them simple to sell when finished collecting them.


Path of Exile offers various means to generate currency. One is farming maps and selling them to other players for profit; another way is crafting items, using various crafting techniques to craft various objects then selling them on to other players for money.

PoE currency farming maps that offer high levels of loot and Divination cards are the ideal locations for currency farming, in addition to providing lots of scarabs which you can use for upgrading breakstones or sulphite scarabs – this way you’ll earn more currency faster because most powerful builds require currency to reach high levels.


Path of Exile’s best way of making money is selling items. The more items you sell at once, the higher your earnings will be; furthermore, buyers often pay a premium for bulk goods such as Essences, Scarabs and Fossils.

Another effective strategy for earning money is through farming maps. This time-tested strategy requires traversing various maps while killing monsters to collect loot – yet can take many hours of your day. Furthermore, keep in mind that spending too much time in your hideout reduces earnings – therefore try to limit how long you stay there as much as possible.

Divination cards

Divination cards are stackable, tradeable items that can be exchanged with Navali for various rewards. Players can acquire these cards from monsters and loot containers. Players may also find some that are unique to certain maps in world areas – these cards can even help unlock rare items in that item set that they refer to!

Players can earn significant wealth by running maps that reward divination cards. While divination cards are worth hundreds of coins each, and some can even be sold for 2c each, their lack of target farming makes this endeavor much less profitable – often taking hours of effort just to obtain a handful per run – something which must be addressed immediately. Individuals with expectations to know about poe currency guide and other details can feel free to visit here.

PoE Trade

The Labyrinth is a randomly generated dungeon filled with traps, puzzles and monsters for players to explore and solve for items, such as powerful Ascendancy classes and equipment enchantments. Furthermore, daily leaderboards exist and a chance at unlocking rare items can also be unlocked through its completion.

Selling items to vendors is one of the easiest ways to earn currency in Path of Exile. Selling more at once means higher prices, though keep in mind that each hour spent selling could take away from playing time – only sell items if it makes financial sense for you!


Prophecies are visions of a player’s future that Navali offers for sale for Silver Coins. Prophecies can impact encounter outcomes by either creating new encounters or forcing certain outcomes; players can even purchase prophecy seals at an additional cost and turn it into an item which can be traded freely between characters.

Items used to reroll random modifiers of equipment can be traded for Exalted Orbs that can then be used to craft rare high-end gear. Although farming them can be tedious, there are methods available that make the task quicker; such as using high level characters or raid groups.