Which Dental Scanners Can You Use for Invisalign? One Reason Doctors Choose iTero Scanners

There’s no doubt Invisalign® is a mainstay in orthodontics. As a discreet, efficient, and comfortable alternative to traditional braces – there’s a reason patients choose Invisalign® over metal braces as well as many leading clear aligner brands.

A critical component to the success of Invisalign® treatment lies in the initial phase of capturing precise dental impressions, which is where advanced scanning technology, particularly the iTero® scanner, plays a pivotal role.

Today, we’ll dive into which intraoral scanners are compatible with Invisalign, highlighting the significance of the iTero brand.

The Evolution of Dental Impressions for Invisalign

Gone are the days when patients had to endure the discomfort and mess of traditional dental impressions. Today, digital impressions have become the standard for Invisalign treatment planning, offering a seamless and patient-friendly experience.

There are many intraoral scanning brands you’ll find discussed online, seen at conferences and CE courses, and referred to by colleagues, including: iTero, 3Shape, DEXIS, CEREC, Allied Star and many more.

iTero intraoral scanners, developed by Align Technology—the same company behind Invisalign—are the only scanner on the market with capability to submit Invisalign cases. While other scanners can scan for clear aligner cases, iTero scanners are the only brand with seamless integration and specialized features designed to optimize Invisalign treatments.

Why iTero Scanners Lead the Pack

Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency: The iTero scanner boasts superior imaging technology that captures highly accurate, detailed 3D images of a patient’s dental structure. This accuracy is paramount in devising a custom Invisalign treatment plan that precisely addresses the patient’s specific orthodontic needs. Furthermore, iTero scanners streamline the treatment planning process, allowing for quicker turnaround times from scanning to the commencement of treatment.

Seamless Integration with Invisalign: As a product of Align Technology, iTero dental scanners offer unmatched compatibility with Invisalign. The seamless integration facilitates direct transfer of digital impressions to Invisalign’s planning software, eliminating potential compatibility issues and ensuring a smooth workflow. This direct linkage enables orthodontists to efficiently review treatment options, make adjustments, and predict treatment outcomes with greater precision.

Improved Patient Experience and Engagement: The iTero scanner not only enhances the comfort of the impression-taking process but also plays a significant role in patient education and engagement. The scanner’s software includes tools that visually demonstrate the potential outcomes of Invisalign treatment, allowing patients to visualize their future smile even before the treatment begins. This visualization can significantly increase patient motivation and compliance throughout the treatment process.

Continuous Technological Advancements: iTero scanners are continuously evolving, with each iteration bringing improvements in speed, image quality, and user-friendliness. Features such as the iTero TimeLapse technology provide invaluable insights by comparing scans over time, tracking treatment progress, and assessing oral health changes. These ongoing advancements solidify iTero’s position as a leading technology in orthodontics.

Considering Other Scanners: While iTero stands out for its direct integration and specialized features for Invisalign, other scanners like 3Shape TRIOS and CEREC also offer compatibility and can be used effectively for clear aligner cases. The choice of scanner may depend on various factors, including your dental practice’s existing workflow, budget considerations, and specific feature preferences.

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