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10 Steps to Complete Ph.D. Thesis in 6 Months

Want to complete your thesis to get your doctorate faster? And, seeking thesis writing help to guide you towards the right direction? Time in the university days flies before you start working on the plan. When you are surrounded by deadlines, timely lectures or a plethora of other commitments, you can be more productive. This productivity comes from the motivation you get by tracking your progress and getting multiple things done. Nevertheless, things do not stay the same once you reach the stage where you just have to complete your thesis or dissertation. 

With no schedule, career pressure and a lot on your plate, you can be bound to be overwhelmed. Even though you have time to invest, it is not easy to make the most out of it. Therefore, it would be a wise idea to opt for a thesis writing service and learn with experts who are qualified and experienced in the field. Before that, you need to set a deadline for yourself and make a plan to stick with it. Want to know how you can complete your thesis within six months? Read on to know! 

Exploring the Steps to Complete Thesis in 6 Months

When you initiate the writing process for a thesis, you find ways to get over it rather than enjoying the process. Because of that, you do not invest enough effort in making a plan for the thesis. Without a plan, you will be clueless about the proceedings and waste time in the decision-making process. Below are the steps recommended by thesis writing help for all the ABD phase individuals. Scroll down to know! 

Do Background Research

Assuming that you have a topic in your mind, it’s time for you to conduct background research to narrow down your information. Also, to understand the flow of your information in your work. This research work is different from the literature review, just check the common information available on the web. Further, you have to find the gaps in your research. It will help you explore how to proceed and whether the topic is worth it or not. 

Work with a Realistic Plan 

Once the topic has been finalized, it’s time for the chapter divisions, outline and the resources you will be utilizing. For that, consider opting for a thesis writing service to keep your plan realistic and increase its chances of success. Firstly, you will be designing the research and then, you will dedicate time to different things as per the importance and requirements. Make sure to check your other monthly and weekly commitments before finalizing the schedule. 

Initiate the Writing Process

Once you have the plan you need, it’s time for you to initiate the writing process without procrastinating much. Here, we are talking about the first draft so you don’t have to be cautious just write with the flow. As you have dedicated time for the editing, you are equipped with enough time to restructure and re-write the sentences that do not fit with the tone of your work. Once you have enough references and you are clear about the things that need to be incorporated, you can start writing. Lastly, when you are not able to find the references, get access to paid resources with paper help for more clarity. 

Ignore Introduction for Now

Your introduction chapter decided your motive and intention. So, it’s evident that you have to give more time there and writing an introduction also comes with unnecessary pressure. Instead of just writing the same sentences and getting rid of them to make them better, it would be better to use the introduction chapter for the last. The main motive of the introduction is to tell the reader what they can expect from the thesis. And, once the body chapters are finished, you will have a clear idea about the things that can be expected from your test. 

Look Back While Writing 

Writing with the flow does not mean you just keep on working without checking your shortcomings. This way, you are just piling up work for the editing round. Suppose you are writing a description of the topic you will be elaborating, read the para once to know what type of mistakes you are making. Or, you can ask for thesis writing help to know what are the common mistakes you are making. Also, subject matter experts will guide you with ways to eliminate them without making additional efforts.

Make a Plan for Writer’s Block

Plagiarism is often taken as a serious offense in thesis writing and you are not allowed any tools to write original content for you. So, you have no choice but to write everything by yourself. However, it is not possible to write constantly without hitting the writer’s block. That’s why, it would be best to have a plan. You can start by re-reading your favorite books or writing about them to get clarity. Also, you can try writing journal articles. Whatever it is, keep multiple options and implement the plan as soon as you identify that you are in a block.

Take Proper Breaks 

If you are thinking about locking yourself to complete your thesis, this idea can be harmful to you. This way, you are blocking your creativity and exhausting yourself unnecessarily. It is not just another essay or academic paper you are working on that can be done in a day. A thesis can take months or even a year to finish. Hence, dedicate some of the responsibilities to a thesis writing service and plan breaks for yourself. Make sure to use the breaks to do refreshing things instead of scrolling through the web. 

Have Strategies for Editing

Self-editing becomes complicated when you are working on a lengthy thesis and dissertation. So, once you are done with the first draft, you need to come up with strategies to edit your work. Firstly, take one part at a time and start by reading it aloud without making any assumptions. Then, consider changing the sentence structure that does not sound right. And fill in the information gaps you notice. Keep things like grammar, syntax and punctuation for the last. 

Know How to Proofread 

It does not make any effort to take risks because of the proofreading even when you have made all the necessary corrections and efforts. Get thesis writing help or help from experts to know what are the best ways to proofread your own work. No one is going to ask about the time you have invested in your work. So, it would be better to ditch the time-consuming things and focus on the crucial aspects. It may take time initially, but once you get used to it, all your upcoming assignments will be easier.

Take Professional Help

It is appreciable that you are trying to do everything on your own, but here you need a long-term plan to proceed. That’s why you need to find experts who can understand your requirements and offer you personalized help. It will help you strengthen your concepts and work with proper clarity without making any assumptions. Ensure that you have conveyed your requirements and talked to the experts before making any final decisions.

Follow the Steps For the Timely Completion of Your Thesis! 

We prefer to have a visual summary of our daily accomplishments because it helps us be more productive. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that productivity in writing does not always correlate with word count. If you write 50 words one day compared to 500 the previous, don’t feel bad about it. Working with figures, applying critical thinking, reading articles, and making inferences are all examples of productivity. So, don’t worry if, after a hard day at work, you discover that your word count has hardly moved. Get paper help or thesis writing help from experts to know how you can deal with things effortlessly. So, now you know how you can complete your thesis on time and get the right help. It’s time to start working!