What Is Field Workforce Management Software And Its Use

What Is Field Workforce Management Software And Its Use?

A field workforce management software helps businesses streamline their end-to-end business operations. The software not only improves workforce efficiency but also promotes business growth. 

An employee sitting in the office is easy to monitor in comparison to field sales executives. Most of the managers face the challenge of tracking their field employees. But do you know what they are missing? Introducing their business to a field workforce monitoring software. It is a software solution that helps businesses monitor and manage their remote employees in real-time. Find out more about the software in this blog post!

What Is Field Workforce Management Software?

A field workforce monitoring software is a useful tool for businesses. With this innovative solution, an organisation can monitor the activities of their remote employees in real-time. It ensures seamless employee monitoring regardless of whether they are working in a field or in their homes. Thinking about how it works? Well, it operates through a range of automation tools, such as:

– Task management software

– Employee expense management software

– Attendance and leave management software

– Real-time monitoring software

– Order management software

– Communication tools

– Business system integration

Each of these advanced solutions helps businesses optimise their end-to-end business operations. Let’s discover more benefits in the upcoming section! 

What Are the Benefits of Field Workforce Management Software? 

Like the air conditioners relieve us during summers, a field workforce management software empowers businesses dealing with remote employees. It provides a range of benefits that are discussed below:

Increased Workforce Efficiency 

Consider a situation where you can monitor your field employees in real-time. You will get insights into their availability and accurate time sheets. As a result, it will become easy for you to monitor the actual time they spend working on the task assigned to them. Therefore, field employees work more efficiently when they know that someone is constantly monitoring them. A workforce tracking software provides real-time insights into tasks vs. achievement status of field employees that can help improve their productivity. 

Remote Order Management 

Every order for a business holds a special value in the company’s growth. Thus, workforce management software ensures that businesses do not miss any orders. How? It provides order management software that helps businesses manage their orders while on the go. Whether you want to create a selective product listing for field employees or create custom discounts, the software does it all.

Optimised Allocation of Resources 

Another important benefit of field workforce management software is that it helps the management allocate resources more efficiently. For instance, if the manager receives an ad-hoc task requirement, they can use the real-time monitoring solution to track the precise whereabouts of field employees. Hence, they can assign the task once they find the nearest available field employee. 

Well Informed Business Decisions 

A field workforce management software also helps businesses make well-informed business decisions. It provides real-time updates and auto-generated performance reports for field employees. The management can use these reports to identify bottlenecks and create strategies to improve them. Furthermore, the software helps the management focus on more strategic tasks by automating the entire business workflow. 

Enhanced Team Communication 

Field workforce monitoring software eliminates the risk of miscommunication among teams. It provides a voice and text messaging communication tool to allow your field employees to communicate on a centralised platform. Furthermore, the software enables both employees and the management to share attachments in different formats such as JPG, PNG, JPEG, and more. 

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction 

With workforce tracking software, companies can foster healthy relationships with their customers. This is because the software ensures that your field employees work efficiently and accomplish all their tasks on time. The customers will get confidence and a sense of trust in your business when your field employees reach their place on time.


A field workforce management software is a great software solution for your business. It automates your entire field force operations, resulting in enhanced workforce productivity and improved customer satisfaction. TrackoField provides the best employee tracking software solution for your business. From inbuilt innovative systems to advanced integration options, TrackoField’s workforce tracking software is the best. Book your demo now!