Top 10 White Label Asset Tracking Software 

Are you a business leader looking for the best white label asset tracking software? If so, this article will help you out. Thus, keep reading this page till the end. 

In the modern business world, ‘efficiency’ and ‘precision’ is the key to success. And this has led to the increasing demand for robust asset tracking software

White label asset tracking software is more like a frontrunner in the modern business landscape. After all, it offers businesses tailor-made solutions to manage their assets effectively. But which one to choose among the plethora of options available? Fret not, as you’ll get to know the answer here. Here, you’ll explore the top 10 solutions that are revolutionizing business operations in 2024.

What Is A White Label Asset Tracking Software?

Let’s start with some basics. 

White label asset tracking software provides businesses with the flexibility to rebrand and resell tracking solutions under their name and logo. Yes, you read that correctly. This allows companies to offer customized Gps tracking services to their clients without investing in extensive development resources. Sounds good right? Thus, through such software, businesses can maintain brand consistency while using advanced tracking features to streamline operations. 

Now that you understand the definition, let’s move ahead. 

Understanding the Need for White Label Asset Tracking Software for Businesses

Businesses across various industries face the challenge of efficiently managing their assets. They have to do so while ensuring optimal utilization and security. And real-time asset tracking software addresses these challenges by offering comprehensive solutions. 

Real-time monitoring

Asset optimization

Enhanced security measures

Companies can enjoy these benefits throughout business operations. This way, businesses can improve operational efficiency, minimize losses, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

10 White Label Asset Tracking Software You Must Work With In 2024

In this section, you’ll read about the top 10 white label asset tracking software

TrackoBit Asset Tracking Management Software

When it comes to top-notch asset tracking and management, TrackoBit reigns supreme. Here are some significant features you must know about. 

Consignment Monitoring: With TrackoBit, you can keep an eye on your valuable shipments as they travel. No matter whether it’s across the country or overseas. You can easily connect with different devices to ensure they’re safe and visible in real-time.

Equipment Tracking: Thanks to TrackoBit, you can find out where your tools and machines are, how they’re being used, and when they need maintenance. This helps you avoid downtime and make smarter decisions.

Employee Monitoring: With TrackoBit, you can manage your team efficiently by assigning tasks and updating schedules. So, why not say goodbye to manual paperwork and streamline your operations? 

Asset Safety: You can also keep tabs on your valuable assets around the clock. Get alerts and notifications about their location and receive emergency alerts if needed.

ETA & Proof of Delivery: You can further keep your customers informed by sharing live updates on when their delivery will arrive. Once it’s delivered, get proof instantly.

Route Optimization: Get the most efficient route for your deliveries with TrackoBit. Our software figures out the best path based on many different factors.

Automated Reports: Get detailed reports on your shipments and vehicles automatically with our TrackoBit. See what’s happening with your assets and where they’ve been.

Instant Alerts: Lastly, stay informed with real-time alerts for specific situations thanks to our TrackoBit. Whether it’s a shipment going off course or equipment sitting idle too long, you’ll know right away.


Trakzee stands out for its user-friendly interface and robust features that help businesses track assets seamlessly. With customizable reporting and real-time alerts, Trakzee assists businesses in optimizing asset usage and boosting productivity.


Navixy offers a scalable white label asset tracking solution equipped with advanced features. These include features like geofencing, route optimization, and maintenance scheduling. Furthermore, its intuitive dashboard provides businesses with actionable insights to streamline operations and reduce costs effectively.


Geotab’s white label asset tracking software is known for its extensive range of telematics solutions. With its comprehensive analytics, Geotab assists businesses in gaining valuable insights into their assets’ performance and behavior.


Wialon is another versatile real-time asset tracking software with customizable modules for fleet management, asset tracking, and logistics optimization. Its robust reporting features and intuitive interface make it a preferred choice for businesses.


GPSInsight offers a comprehensive white label asset tracking platform designed to enhance fleet visibility and operational efficiency. With features such as predictive maintenance and driver behavior analysis, GPSInsight helps businesses maximize asset performance. offers businesses a white label asset tracking solution. The software offers real-time monitoring, asset history tracking, and geofencing capabilities. Moreover, its cloud-based platform ensures seamless integration and scalability, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes.


GPSWOX offers a cost-effective white label asset tracking solution with customizable features to suit various business needs. From vehicle tracking to equipment monitoring, GPSWOX provides businesses with the tools they need to optimize asset usage.


MapOn’s white label vehicle asset management software combines advanced GPS technology with intuitive mapping features. This way, it delivers accurate and reliable tracking solutions. With customizable dashboards and real-time notifications, MapOn helps businesses to stay ahead of the curve.


Lastly, Ituran offers a comprehensive white label asset tracking platform equipped with advanced security features and real-time alerts. Its robust tracking features and customizable reporting options make it a trusted partner for businesses looking to safeguard their assets.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, effective asset tracking is paramount for the success of companies. White label asset tracking software comes at the front as a strategic solution. It offers businesses the flexibility to customize and brand-tracking services according to their unique requirements. Thus, by partnering with top-notch white label asset tracking providers like TrackoBit and more, businesses can streamline operations. So, what are you waiting for? It’s high time to get your hands on our TrackoBit.

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