Your Guide to Meeting Qualifying Law Degree Requirements in the UK

Your Guide to Meeting Qualifying Law Degree Requirements in the UK

I know that studying law is such a big deal for students. Obviously, it’s not easy to get enrolled in such a valuable degree, especially in the UK, because of its high demand. Students from all around the world come to the UK to study this prestigious qualification because of its academic excellence. So, if you are planning to pursue a law degree in the UK, then you already have a bright future. It’s quite valuable not just in the UK but all around the world. But there is one thing: you can’t just get admission there easily because it is highly in demand among students and thus has very high merit. 

Becoming A Lawyer in the UK

Well, there is one twist here that you would really love to know. As I already told you, it is not easy to get a law degree in the UK. But you know, even if you get admission to LLB in the UK and complete it without any problem, you still can’t practice law there. Yes, it is not enough for you to become a lawyer. But you can say that there is another layer to becoming a lawyer in the UK, and that is the “Qualifying Law Degree.” So, things are not as simple as it seems. In fact, you have to go through various phases to make sure that you become a successful lawyer in the UK.

What is a Qualifying Law Degree?

Now, you might be wondering what this Qualifying Law Degree is. Well, it’s an undergraduate program that is presently recognized by Wales and England as the first professional qualification stage. Well, it allows law graduates to take one step closer to their fulfilling law career by taking them to the vocational training stage. So, it’s kind of your pass to enter the world of law in the UK and start working as a professional lawyer. Therefore, it is quite important for your career. 

Requirements for Qualifying Law Degree

Well, let’s find out now that how you can enroll in this QLD and what are its requirements. So, there are some specific entry requirements for this degree that you need to enter into this degree. Well, it’s kind of its eligibility criteria that decides whether you are eligible or not to take this course. 

Must-Have A-Level Qualification

Well, you can’t just enter into law school without completing your A-level qualifications. And the story doesn’t end here. You need at least three A-level subjects with high grades. Yeah, as I already told you, how tough the competition is here. So, there are not any fixed requirements, though, to have three high grades. But it varies from institute to institute. However, the most prestigious institutes in the UK definitely demand high grades. And prefer students with the highest A grades in their A-levels. 

Yes, I know the courses might matter, but there are no specific requirements for any subject to take admission in a law school. But if you are really willing to become a lawyer, then you can discuss it with your course consultant. They can help you choose the best subjects that align with your future goals. However, if you want to study some other subject, you are free to choose as there are no specific requirements for Qualifying Law Degree

 Complete an Undergraduate degree.

So, it’s quite obvious that to become a lawyer in the UK, you really need to complete an undergraduate degree. Well, the duration of this degree usually takes three to four years to complete. Thus, you can find various institutes to get admission to LLB and complete the requirements for QLD in the UK. 

Enroll in a Legal Practice Course (LPC)

Well, you know this is the final stage for you to become a successful lawyer. You can enroll in this after completing your law degree. It’s a kind of vocational training that helps law students apply what they have learned in the real world and test their skills. So, this course kind of plays the role of bridging the gap between theory and practical application of your skills. But there is one thing that’s completed after your QLD: to make sure that you are not only good in theory but know how to apply your skills as well. 

Well, I know that’s a lot but trust me it’s not as hard as it seems. You know there is one important thing that you need to complete your law studies successfully. I know how hard it is for students to manage their assignments and tasks amidst their studies. Therefore, there are various online services that offer Law Assignment Assistance to students in the UK to help them complete their qualifications without any problem. 

Specialist Training

There is one final step before you actually join the legal world in the UK. So, here is the requirement in the UK: You have to serve in any law firm for two years before actually starting your career from scratch. It helps students gain the necessary experience that will help them in their future careers.