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Garden Gates Derby

At Derbyshire Joinery Specialist out team enjoy constructing bespoke gates which gets us outdoors and utlising a different set of skills.

We can construct a wide variety of wooden gates to suit different tastes styles and sizes and then can finish off the project completeley by installing them too.

Wood is so versatile and allows for many options in terms of shape, style, timber choice and the accompanying ironmongery allows many potential permutations.

Alternatively if you simply want a budget replacement side garden gate we can make and fit those too. Simply call or complete your details in our form to arrange a quote


Sometimes having too many choices makes a decision tougher however we’ll provide an overview of some of the optoins to help at least provide a shortlist of design choces for your new gate:

Solid tongue and groove garden gates are the most popular for or garden gate primarily made up of vertical slats connected to a a top and bottom horizontal rail with an addional horizontal rail n the middle of the door connecting two diagonal peices of timber to provide strngth and stabilty to the doo and prvide fixing pointd for hinges and locks.

Slat gates feature a simple and classic design with evenly spaced slats. Traditional slat gates offer privacy and security while still allowing airflow and visibility. They are a popular choice for gardens of all styles and sizes.

If you want to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your garden, arched gates are an excellent option. The top of these gates is curved in an arched shape, creating a graceful and eye-catching entrance. Arched gates work well in gardens with a formal or traditional design.

Picket gates are characterized by their vertical wooden boards, commonly known as pickets. These gates have a timeless and charming appearance, perfect for cottage-style gardens or those with a rustic theme. Picket gates are also suitable for areas where you want to create a boundary without completely obstructing the view.

Lattice gates are known for their intricate and decorative patterns created by intersecting strips of wood. These gates add a touch of elegance and create a visually appealing focal point in your garden. Lattice gates are commonly used to enclose a particular area within the garden or as a decorative element in the entrance.

Farmhouse gates exude a rustic and countryside charm, perfect for gardens with a farmhouse or rural theme. These gates typically feature a combination of wood and metal elements, such as metal hinges or latches, enhancing their vintage appeal. Farmhouse gates are designed to be sturdy and durable, making them an excellent choice for larger gardens or agricultural properties.

If you’re inspired by Japanese gardens and want to create a Zen-like atmosphere in your outdoor space, consider installing a Japanese torii gate. These gates are traditionally made from wood and feature a distinctive shape with a curved top and two vertical supports. Torii gates symbolize the transition from the natural world to the spiritual realm and are often used to mark the entrance to a sacred space within the garden.

If any of these sound appealing simply get in touch for our joiner to meet and measure up.


When it comes to enhancing the kerby appeal of your property wooden driveway gates in Derby can make a stunning and classic addition. They not only provide privacy and security but also create a welcoming entrance that adds value to your home. If you’re considering wooden driveway gates for your property, we’ll help you to get a good ide of the options availble below:

Woods are generally clasdifes as eaither being a hardwood or a softwood and both can be used for driveway gates. Hardwood gates offer durability and a timeless look. Woods such as oak, teak, or mahogany are commonly used for their strength and resistance to weather conditions. Hardwood gates are not only long-lasting but also provide an elegant and luxurious appearance but as these woods are not the most common you will be paying a premium for them.

Softwood gates, are a more affordable option and are typically made from pine or cedar. Despite being softer than hardwoods, they can still withstand outdoor elements by applying suitable treatments and regular maintenance. Softwood gates are often customised more with various designs and finishes. If you prefer a modern look, we can make your wooden driveway gates in sleek and contemporary designs. These gates often feature clean lines, minimalistic elements, and can be made from a variety of woods to suit your aesthetic preferences. However as all our gates are bespoke our joiner will discuss your design ideas, see how practical they are from a carpentry perspective and then get to work on an agreed brief.

Increasingly more and more wooden driveway gates are being automated. Automated gates allow you to open and close them with the push of a button, either from inside your vehicle or from a remote control. This option is ideal for those looking to add an additional layer of comfort to their driveway entrance. If this is something your are considering either now or the near future please mention this to our team as a few additional contruction aspects will need to be tweaked to accomodate connecting to a motor in the future.

Wooden driveway gates are very versatile in terms of accomodating different finishes and accessories. From decorative hinges and handles to personalised engravings, we can add these details can ro make your driveway gates truly stand out.


Fitting wooden gates, especially driveay gates can be a tricky task. Understanding the suitability of a gates fixing points, or the impact sloping ground may have on the opening of a gate or how a very uneven gate space can be made to look more even are all part of the repertoire that our joiners can provide. So if you are looking for with our complete wooden gates suppled and fitted nea rme in Derbyshire be sure to contact us. We’ll come to you measure up and discuss what your are looking to achieve from you gate and then we’ll come back to you with a jargon free proposal – simple.


At Derbyshire Joinery Specialists, we are committed to providing superior wooden gate construction in Derby and the surrounding areas. With our experienced team and attention to detail, we aim to exceed your expectations and create the perfect wooden gate for your home or business. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.