What exactly is MOT? Read to know more

If you are new to driving, I am sure you must have heard about MOT testing. But what exactly is this MOT testing and how it determines our vehicle’s health, What if we don’t get it done? Read below so that all your doubts can be cleared.

Let’s first talk about MOT. What it is?

In simpler words, ‘MOT’ test stands for Ministry Of Transport test that most of the car owners in the country must undertake. It involves any test that could make a determination if your vehicle is road-worthy and safe enough to use. It is mandatory for your vehicle to pass this test as without a MOT passed certificate you may find it hard to drive that vehicle on the road.

Which vehicles don’t need a MOT test?

Well, first of all, if your vehicle is still below the three-year age line then it doesn’t need an MOT Test Newbury . But after those three years, you need to take your vehicle to a MOT test centre every year. If your vehicle is older than forty years then it doesn’t need an MOT test if you haven’t made any extreme changes to the vehicle. It is still recommended that you should take care of your car even if doesn’t need an MOT test.

Why it is important?

There can be a lot of reasons why it is important, let’s look into it.

Of course, the point of safety will come when we talk about the importance of the MOT test, as its basic structure revolves around safety. MOT tests become necessary as they ensure at a certain level that an accident won’t happen because of the vehicle’s fault.

Let’s forget about safety for a second and say that you don’t want to take your drive to an MOT test, then what? Well in those cases if you are found driving without the MOT pass certificate then only you will be fined heavily but there will be a risk of your drive getting seized and in the worst case scenario you can be disqualified from driving.

Another important but ignored point is the Insurance of the vehicle. Well, there is a connection between Insurance and an MOT test, But what is it?

A lot of Insurance companies demand a valid MOT certificate and if you fail to complete that demand your Insurance may get cancelled.

Where are MOT tests performed?

There are more than twenty thousand MOT test centres in the United Kingdom, so you are never away from a test centre. In all of these test centres, only certified and specifically trained for MOT testing mechanics are available. This helps to ensure that you have an effective inspection done on your car.

If you don’t know how to locate a MOT test centre near you, then you can use the government website to locate one. However, if you live in East London I would recommend you to Book MOT in Newbury as it has some of the good MOT test centres. And be sure to avoid all those frauds that claim to give you a MOT pass certificate without proper testing or inspection.

How MOT tests are performed?

MOT tests follow a strict procedure and follow a chronological sequence to complete the tests in an hour, well to be precise forty-five minutes.

In the first step, you must submit all the necessary documents, such as registration certificates and older MOT certificates (if any).

Then after a thorough optical inspection, the mechanic proceeds to examine the lights of your car and every single light is included in this one, from brake lights to fog lights.

After all the lights, the turn is for the steering and suspension system. Various parts are included in this inspection such as shock absorbers, steering columns and many more.

Then comes your car’s brakes, which include parts like brake pads, discs, etc.

After inspecting everything about the brakes, the mechanic proceeds to Tyres, where they will check everything from inflation to alignment. Then emission test, which is also known as one of the most important as in this test exhaust emissions are tested which shows if the vehicle is good for the environment or not.

After all these vehicle identification tests and other tests according to your vehicle’s condition are performed. And at last, it is chosen if your vehicle passes the MOT test or not. If yes you are good to go but if not you must get the repairs done which are advised to you.

How to prepare before MOT testing?

Preparing your vehicle before MOT testing can be a very good option as it can increase the chances of your vehicle getting passed.

But how to do that?

Well, you can take your car to a repair centre and get all the small but important repairs. Well, for car repair Newbury is the place in East London where you will find good mechanics.

So, this was all about MOT testing. I hope you found this blog informative.