Look after your tyres to save your tyres from these defects

Vehicles run on roads with the help of several mechanical parts. All the components of a vehicle are important for the performance of your car. However, the role of tyres is extremely important because of driving requirements.

The car engine transfers the energy to car Tyres Coventry to move the vehicle. Moreover, the stability of a car on the roads is possible because of car tyres. Additionally, you cannot carry the weight of your car without your car tyres.

Road conditions are not always in favour of your tyres. Moreover, bad weather may test the strength of your car tyres at any time. Furthermore, several factors damage your tyres slowly during their lifespan.

Proper maintenance can slow down the rate of wear and tear. Your tyres will roll on the roads for more time with the help of your caring attitude. On the other hand, your ignorance will increase the rate of damage in tyres.

You have to be aware of common tyre issues to keep them safe for a long time,

In this blog, we have a list of prime issues related to car tyres.

Read this list and make up your mind to use your tyres for a long time.

Ageing of tyres:

Ageing is a natural process. You cannot stop this process because of the carbonic nature of tyre rubber. The tyre rubber will become hard and brittle with time. The prime sign of a hard rubber is cracks on the surface. Moreover, hard rubber will be ineffective in wet conditions as well.

Ageing of tyres, however, takes place naturally but some factors like heat and UV rays function as triggers to promote the process of ageing.

Flat tyres:

Punctures are problematic because they take place suddenly. Drivers are often not ready to face this annoying issue. When a sharp iron nail pierces the body of a car tyre, the vehicle pulls to either side. Moreover, a violent blowout is also possible due to quick air loss.

Punctures are repairable but if you repair the same area repeatedly, you have to change the entire tyre tube to permanently fix the problem.

Sometimes, detecting the presence of a puncture is not easy. This type of puncture takes place when a sharp object does not leave its place after piercing the tread of a car tyre. These tyres lose air pressure at an extremely slow rate.

Punctures depend on the road conditions. A harsh road will increase the chances of punctures.  The occurrence of punctures depends on the physical condition of your car tyres as well. Bulges, cracks and tread wear on tyres will make your tyres more prone to punctures.

Incorrect inflation level:

This is actually the most basic need for your car tyres. They cannot perform their functions without a proper inflation level. You have to follow the recommendations of your carmakers to determine the correct air pressure for your tyres.

Correct air pressure is extremely important for safety and performance. Moreover, the life of your tyres depends on the air pressure as well.

The central tread part of your tyres will wear out quickly due to high air pressure. On the other hand, tread on both sides will show signs of wear because of low air pressure.

Bulging and cracking on tyres:

You can see bulges in your tyres after hitting a hard object like a kerb or pothole. Actually, bulges occur on the sidewall as an aftereffect after a crash. A sign of a bulge in the sidewall indicates that internal parts of the tyre are not in good condition.

Change your tyres when you observe cracks there. Cracks indicate that your tyres have a brittle rubber. Cracks may take place because of the chemicals of cleaners as well. Heat and sunshine are also some factors that promote cracks on your tyres.

Wrong wheel alignment:

Uneven wear is a prime sign to indicate wrong wheel alignment. You do not always drive your vehicle on an even road. Therefore, harsh road conditions may disturb the correct wheel alignment of the vehicle.

It is better you visit a garage to see your mechanic regularly to avoid uneven tread wear. Tread wear is an irreparable issue. It means you have to replace your current tyres with a new set of tyres.


As a car driver, you would not like to face a blowout. The event of a blowout is really dangerous since it occurs suddenly. Any of your car tyres may burst at any moment due to multiple factors. The most prominent factors for tyre blowouts are friction, heat, road surface, wrong inflation, faulty tyres etc. Blowouts are more likely to take place in the summer season. You can avoid blowouts if you buy appropriate tyres according to seasonal conditions. Moreover, proper maintenance is also a better idea to prevent blowouts.

Blowouts and punctures are some issues that take place without any warning. Therefore, have the mobile number of a company that offers Mobile Tyres Fitting CoventryThis is the easiest idea you may apply after a flat tyre.