Top 9 Places to Visit in Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh is a beautiful tourist destination with a lot of places to visit in Kumbhalgarh to explore traditional architectural buildings, wildlife, and historical forts. All these golden places develop the beauty of Kumbhalgarh along with Rajasthan. Besides this, the fantastic scenery of Aravalli hills gives splendid views to the tourists. The colourful and breath-taking views of each heritage site of Kumbhalgarh improve every visitor’s excitement. The history behind each place of Kumbhalgarh says the glory of Rajput. 

Moreover, Kumbhalgarh belongs to the traditional and cultural state of Rajasthan. Each corner of Rajasthan is full of natural beauty and historic momentums. Thus Rajasthan is the perfect place for a memorable holiday trip with family, friends and close ones. But it is pretty tricky for a newcomer to know about each place and tourist destination of Rajasthan. Therefore LIH Travels provide excellent facilities and services to cover all Rajasthan tourist places and Kumbhalgarh. By the way, the Rajasthan tour packages by LIH fits your budget, and you will enjoy your trip happily.

So let’s check out the nine unique places to visit in Kumbhalgarh, where you get an unforgettable experience. 

Nine places in Kumbhalgarh

In the rest of the article, you will learn nine places to visit near Kumbhalgarh to explore the unseen beauty of Rajasthan. 

Kumbhalgarh Fort

In our list of places to visit in Kumbhalgarh, the first place is the Kumbhalgarh fort. This historic place hides many secrets in it. Mewar’s ruler, Rana Kumbha, built this peaceful place. Kumbhalgarh fort is constructed separately from Mewar to get relaxation outside Udaipur. The fantastic site of this place develops its beauty. Especially the high peak of Aravalli hills provides a unique experience to each tourist. This fort is surrounded by the Jain and Brahmanical Temples, which describes the tradition and culture of this place. Except this, the structure of this unique Kumbhalgarh tourist place provides happiness to each tourist. 

Badal Mahal

Another magnificent place near Kumbhalgarh is Badal Mahal. This place is the highest point of Kumbhalgarh fort. The unique wall painting of this place attracts the tourists most. Moreover, the two parts of this place are Mardana Mahal and Zenana Mahal, specially designed for royal males and females. Besides this, the creative stonework jail of this palace develops its beauty. From the 19th century, this palace has witnessed Mewar warrior fort. Visit this beautiful Mahal on the list of places to visit in Kumbhalgarh.

Mammadev Temple

The unique history behind Mammadev temple makes it the perfect place to visit in Kumbhalgarh. In 1460 this temple was built with outstanding arts and designs. The fantastic interior work of this temple increases the Kumbhalgarh sightseeing. The remarkable architecture of this special place provides exciting memories to each visitor. The “KUND” inside the temple offers pleasant views for the tourist. Primarily people want to visit this place in the memory of Prithiviraj Chauhan and Raja Kumbha. This place is situated below Kumbhalgarh fort, so it is suitable for you to see. 

Vedi Temple

Another beautiful Kumbhalgarh place is the Vedi temple. Inside this temple, devotees worship goddess Vedi, who has a unique octagonal shape. The location of this temple is within Kumbhalgarh fort. So it is pretty easy to explore all the above places at a time. The unique structure of the temple with 36 pillars increases the stunning beauty of this place. Moreover, Raja Kumbha built this temple in honour of pilgrims. Later it was renovated by Maharana Fateh Singh and named the sacrificial sites of India. 


Amongst the places to visit in Kumbhalgarh, Haldighati is the most incredible and most magnificent place where you get splendid views. This place is a stunning attraction to Aravalli hills. This legendary place shows the glory of Rajput through its fantastic architecture. This place witnessed the Great War between Mughal and Maharana Pratap in 1576. As the soil colour of this place is yellow, the place name’s as per the soil colour Haldighati. Moreover, to see the uniqueness of this place, you have to cover a 48-kilometre distance from Kumbhalgarh. 


Udaipur is one of the places to visit in Kumbhalgarh and an essential part of Rajasthan. This place surrounds tremendous natural views of Aravalli hills, which provides magnificent experiences to the visitors. With numerous lakes, the City gives peace and relaxation to tourists. This City is also known as the City of lakes. All the corners of this place boast traditional architecture. Additionally, this place has a massive range of adventures such as trekking, paragliding, and helicopter riding. The excellent markets and street food create a different place in each tourist’s heart.  

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

In Kumbhalgarh, you also enjoy the wildlife Sanctuary. This place is located in the lap of Aravalli hills, where you enjoy the overwhelming beauty of nature. In the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, you can visit many wild animals with grey jungle fowls. The beautiful creatures of nature such as nilgai, sambar and leopards will improve your excitement level. Moreover, you will visit this place in the monsoon to see the green jungle with water full of lakes. The charming natural views of the jungle will make your trip more exciting and peaceful. 

Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple

Another beautiful attraction point of Kumbhalgarh is the Neelkanth Mahadeo temple. The impressive structure of this place with six –feet high monolith shiva ling increases its beauty. Apart from this, the temple has many chambers, which show its beautiful architecture. In the year 1458, King Rana Sanga renovated this temple. The most exciting thing about this place is the four complex entrances. All these entrances have unique designs which increase the beauty of this place. 

Parshuram Temple

During your Kumbhalgarh trip, don’t forget to include Parshuram Temple, among the places to visit in Kumbhalgarh, a cave temple of Aravalli hills. Parshuram creates the beautiful structure of these places. Moreover, here you found nine Kunds so that this place does not dry anytime. Besides this, you must walk 500 steps to reach this temple. The natural statutes of lord Shiva and Ganesh increase this place’s beauty. Additionally, some fairs are also hosted at this place every year. 


On the whole, the places of Kumbhalgarh have much uniqueness. So people love to explore the sites of this City. But you can make your Kumbhalgarh trip more beautiful with LIH Travels. The exciting tour expenses and facility of LIH travels helps you to visit all the above places of Kumbhalgarh.