Bridgestone Tyres

Do You Know the Names and Details Of the Most Used Bridgestone Tyres?  

Are you looking to replace completely used tyres for your vehicle? We can understand that this time many questions might arise in your mind regarding which tyre will be right for you. There are many points that you need to consider while choosing the best tyres as they also help in running the vehicle smoothly. For instance, think about the how’s the climate of your region, what the road conditions are, what your driving speed is, what the type of vehicle is, etc. Here are the details of many affordable and best quality tyres under Bridgestone, as it is one of the popular brands, so it will be easier for you to buy Good Tyres Wolverhampton


We are suggesting you use this tyre as it includes all the essential features which are required not only for safe driving but also for a comfortable driving journey. A well-balanced stability is offered as this tyre has suitable tread grooves and cuts which are necessary to make good contact with dry road surfaces. In terms of peaceful riding, they are one of the best performers as they can prevent the negative effects caused by overheating of the tyres when travelling long distances. Apart from these, B250 tyres are also known for their excellent mileage capabilities. You can also drive on wet surfaces because they have the power to control tyres from slippery conditions and keep people safe from aquaplaning hazards.


ECOPIA is another model from the Bridgestone brand. The main focus in manufacturing these tyres is to provide the required grip power and perfect handling capability for summer weather conditions. People who have tyres from the EOPIA family gave the best review that their ride was safe whether the roads were dry or wet due to heavy rain. Another commendable thing is that they will save you money by reducing the rolling resistance which helps prevent the tyres from wearing down quickly. Another advantage of their great aerodynamic characteristics is that their fuel efficiency is improved. Currently, there are two types of tyres under the ECOPIA family their names are given below and both are highly preferred and installed.

  • ECOPIA EP500
  • ECOPIA EP150


Bridgestone engineers have also designed Dueler tyres with the involvement of high technology. These are worth using for SUVs/4x4s as they are designed keeping in mind the specifications and fitting requirements of the vehicles. So, now you should have an idea that the Dueler family of tyres can give their best when driving on off-terrain roads, be it traction, handling or durability. These are great for driving while travelling on surfaces like highways. The excellent stability of these tyres always remains the same, even in difficult road conditions. Some of these tyres fall in the premium category because they are made of high-end quality and their prices are quite reasonable. At present, Bridgestone has launched five types of Dualer tyres and their names are as follows:

  • DUELER H/T 689
  • DUELER H/T 687
  • DUELER H/T 684-II
  • DUELER AT 001


We would like to appreciate the effort Bridgestone has put into their Blizzak tyres. It involved good investment and great innovation to make them perform well during the winter season, no matter how cold the temperatures and conditions. Their tread designs will be ready to establish good grip, handling and overall stability which is very essential on snowy and wet surfaces. The brand has added great longevity capabilities to all these tyres, no matter how rough the road you use them on and this is possible due to their reinforced sidewalls, quality tread and some special endurance materials.

Blizzak Family has a wide range of tyres, some of them are suitable for normal cars, and the rest are best for SUVs/4×4, you just have to choose them according to the specific requirements of your vehicle. Want to see some Blizzak tyre names? If yes, then scroll down from here.

  • BLIZZAK LM-25 4X4


To handle dry roads in extremely hot climates, Bridgestone has offered several Potenza tyres. These are very durable tyres due to their tough rubber compound, hence people are very attracted towards them all over the world. Each tyre under Bridgestone’s Potenza family has the required depth of grooves that will frustrate drivers driving the car on wet surfaces. It is very important for a tyre to perform well in braking stability and to understand the depth of the matter, this special feature is given in all tyres. These Bridgestone tyres also have excellent cornering facilities. Accordingly, we can say more strongly that these tyres are more capable of providing a comfortable and safe driving experience.

  • Potenza S007 
  • Potenza S001
  • Potenza Race
  • Potenza Sport

Last Words

Weather Control and Duravis are also a family of tyres manufactured by the Bridgestone brand that match specific weather conditions, vehicle sizes and load-duty ratings, driving styles and road types. Let’s suppose you keep any of them in your options and think of ordering online or visiting an auto shop to buy car servicing Wolverhampton, you will see their different price ranges, which depend on several factors.