Tarmac Driveways Bournemouth

Guide to a Flawless Tarmac Driveway Transformation

Transforming your driveway with tarmac isn’t just about boosting curb appeal; it’s a practical investment that enhances the functionality and value of your property. Whether you’re revamping an existing space or starting from scratch, this guide walks you through the steps to achieve a flawless tarmac driveway, with a nod to Wicks Tarmacadam Surfacing, the go-to experts in Bournemouth.

Understanding Tarmac Surfacing

Tarmac, a durable and flexible material, is ideal for driveways due to its longevity and ease of maintenance. Its smooth, dark appearance offers a sleek, professional look that suits any property style.

Why Choose Tarmac?

Durability: Resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Aesthetics: Provides a neat, uniform appearance.

Cost-Effectiveness: An affordable option compared to some alternatives.

Quick Installation: Less disruptive installation process.

Planning Your Tarmac Driveway

Before diving into the transformation, it’s crucial to plan. Consider the size, shape, and any specific requirements like drainage or borders.

Permissions and Regulations

Check local planning regulations to ensure compliance, especially for significant alterations or if your property is in a conservation area.

Choosing the Right Contractor

While many companies offer surfacing services, it’s essential to select one with proven expertise and a solid reputation. In Bournemouth, Wicks Tarmacadam Surfacing stands out as the premier choice for tarmac driveways, known for their quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Preparing the Site

A successful tarmac driveway starts with proper site preparation. This includes clearing the area, ensuring a stable base, and addressing any drainage issues.

The Importance of a Good Foundation

A solid foundation is key to preventing cracks and ensuring the longevity of your driveway. This typically involves a sub-base layer of crushed stone.

Laying the Tarmac

The tarmac laying process is critical and requires skilled professionals to ensure a smooth, durable surface.

First Layer: The Binder Course

This initial layer provides strength and support, essential for a long-lasting driveway.

Second Layer: The Surface Course

The final layer, known as the wearing course, gives the driveway its smooth finish and aesthetic appeal.

Finishing Touches

Once the tarmac is laid, it’s time for the finishing touches. This might include edging to define the driveway’s boundaries or integrating decorative elements for added character.

Maintenance Tips

To keep your tarmac driveway looking its best, regular maintenance is key. This includes occasional cleaning and prompt repair of any small cracks or damage.

Environmental Considerations

Modern tarmac solutions offer eco-friendly options, such as porous surfaces that support effective drainage and reduce runoff.

Cost Factors

The cost of a tarmac driveway varies based on size, complexity, and location. While it’s an investment, the long-term benefits make it a cost-effective choice for many homeowners.


A flawless tarmac driveway not only enhances your property’s aesthetic but also its functionality and value. By choosing a reputable contractor like Wicks Tarmacadam Surfacing in Bournemouth, and following best practices for preparation and maintenance, you can ensure a durable, attractive driveway that serves your needs for years to come.

Embarking on a tarmac driveway transformation is an exciting project that can significantly impact your home’s curb appeal and functionality. By understanding the process, choosing the right materials and contractor, and properly maintaining your new driveway, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a durable, stylish, and practical surface. Whether you’re updating an existing driveway or installing a new one, a tarmac surface offers a blend of affordability, durability, and aesthetic appeal that’s hard to beat.